Saturday, November 18, 2017

Odds and ends

Headline....Boob jobs gone. Surgeons are now spending more time taking out boob implants than putting them in.

Donald Trump's granddaughter in China singing in Mandarin.

Headline..July, 2015....Joe Biden likes to swim nude in front of female Secret Service agents.

Did India allow the U.S. to visit a Russian submarine leased to the Indian Navy?

Mark Steyn....‘I’d rather go fishing with Donna Brazile than go fishing with Hillary Clinton because you get the feeling you’ll be sleeping with the fishes by the end of the afternoon if you go fishing with Hillary.’

Ticket prices on the Titanic was $4,350 for first class, $1,750 for second class, and $300 for third class.

In 2009 ExxonMobil was fined $600,000 after 85 migratory birds (ducks, grebes, ibis, passernines, owls, martins and one hawk) died of exposure to hydrocarbons at a natural gas facility they owned. None of the birds were endangered. Yet, the wind industry has killed 888,000 bats/year, 573,000 birds/year, including 83,000 raptors and has paid little in compensation.

People with a history of mental illness, drug abuse and self-mutilation can now apply to serve in the U.S. Army, according to a report on Sunday, which emerged as a former Air Force recruit’s mass shooting at a Texas church continues raising questions about the military’s handling of mental health problems.

Gentleman's Quarterly named Colin Kaepernick as their Citizen of the Year. (haha)

China and Russia own 49% of Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA.

Dr. Paul Ehrlich in 1970....The oceans will be as dead as Lake Erie in less than a decade. The DDT in our fatty tissues has reached levels high enough to cause brain damage and cirrhosis of the liver. America will be subject to water rationing by 1974 and food rationing by 1980.

Headline....Every Democrat Presidential Candidate for Past 25 Years Has Ties to Pedophiles.

Poll....77% of college-educated Democrats say gender not determined at birth.

Headline....Germany..Muslim rapes pony at kid's petting zoo.

Karl Lagerfeld to Germany....You can’t, even if there are decades in between, kill millions of Jews, and then later bring millions of their worst enemies into the country.

Headline....Luther Strange's campaign "tried and tried and tried" yet failed to confirm Roy Moore allegations.

Headline....Alabama woman who worked with Roy Moore as teen speaks out.."I never once felt uncomfortable."

Sen. Fred Thompson...."Politics is show business for ugly people."

A new flag for Sweden?

"Increasingly, Western society is an open-air mental asylum run by psychopaths."

Headline....Mark Steyn to Maxine Waters.."Tweeting isn't grounds for impeachment."

General Mattis...."95% of the territory once held by ISIS is now liberated and our partners continue to secure more each day."

7 of 10 richest members of Congress are Democrats.

An 11-month-old Colorado boy’s death from a heart condition was likely related to ingestion of marijuana, two Denver doctors have concluded, but the precise link remains unclear.

C.S. Lewis...."We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful."

Headline....The Republican tax plan is very swampy.


Shoddy construction in Iran

The opening of the new wing of the Imam Khomeini hospital last year was a big deal in this provincial Iranian town. The health minister cut a red ribbon, and V.I.P. guests smiled as state television recorded the entire event.

More than 100 beds were added in a $15 million construction project that had taken more than eight years to complete and had made the hospital the largest in the region. "We were so proud," said Reza Naderi, one of the managers.

But during the 30-second earthquake on Sunday, the new wing partly crumpled like an empty soft-drink can in the hands of a child. The original hospital building, 40 years old, stood beside the wreckage, barely damaged.

The magnitude 7.3 earthquake killed more than 500 people in Iran and eight in neighboring Iraq. More than 40,000 properties became uninhabitable, officials say, including many newly built state hospitals, schools, apartment complexes and even army barracks. It is unclear how many people died in collapsed government buildings.

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Quote of the day

The socialists always love the redistribution of wealth. However, once you redistribute the wealth it's gone and then the problem is to create more wealth. Creating more wealth is always beyond the socialists ability. (see Venezuela) The reason is very simple. As Frederic Bastiat pointed out socialism is theft, it is based on plunder your neighbor. When people discover they are going to be plundered, they work as little as possible. In the late great USSR they had a joke, we pretend to work and they (the government) pretend to pay us.


Special status

Shortly before last year’s election, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe wrote an email on his official government account stating that the Hillary Clinton email probe had been given "special" status, according to documents released Wednesday.

McCabe’s Oct. 23, 2016, email to press officials in the FBI said the probe was under the control of a small group of high-ranking people at the FBI’s headquarters in Washington.

"As I now know the decision was made to investigate it at HQ with a small team," McCabe wrote in the email. He said he had no input when the Clinton email investigation started in summer 2015, while he was serving as assistant director in charge of the FBI's Washington office.

"[The Washington office] provided some personnel for the effort but it was referred to as a ‘special’ and I was not given any details about it," he wrote.

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Mithraic mysteries

A faded painting, still showing hints of its once-vivid hues, fills the entire back wall of an otherwise grim underground cavern in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy. Sculptures and frescoes of ancient gods and cryptic celestial symbols are scattered throughout the interior. A stagnant darkness lurks within the corridor, as the lack of windows forbids any stray sunlight to penetrate the ancient cave.

This subterranean temple is just one of more than 400 such structures that have been uncovered within the vast territory once overseen by the Roman Empire. It, like the others, is a relic from a mysterious ancient religion that continues to pose a challenge to most modern scholars.

Mithraism was an underground Roman religious group that worshipped a pagan deity called Mithras. All Mithraea featured a tauroctony, an image of the god Mithras slaying a sacred bull, as its centerpiece. Though the covert religion was once so widespread some historians considered it an early rival and "sister religion" to Christianity, little is actually known for certain about it.

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Queen of Double Standards

Women speaking courageously about sexual harassment is highly rewarded in media circles right now. Roy Moore's accusers in The Washington Post have been hailed as brave and credible....especially by The Washington Post. Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan wrote another Team Player column on Tuesday about how her newspaper's sources should be honored.

Somehow, Sullivan can't remember that last year, she smeared Bill Clinton's accusers when Donald Trump brought them to an event before the second presidential debate. She called them participants in a "truth-averse" Steve Bannon exercise, a "surreal gathering," a "twisted version of the Last Supper."

The Sullivan column carried the headline "For Moore's accusers, a new kind of harassment." (It reminds us of Bryant Gumbel saying of Paula Jones in 1994 "it’s a little tough to figure out who’s really being harassed.") Online, the Sullivan column was headlined "The ugly echo chamber of Hannity and Breitbart is why women wait so long to report abuse." Earth to Margaret: You were the "ugly echo chamber" last October. Here's this week's version of Sullivan....

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Friday, November 17, 2017


Just days after Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), became the third House Dem to file articles of impeachment, joining Trump antagonists Brad Sherman (Calif.) and Al Green (Texas) who both filed similar articles earlier this year, on Wednesday morning several House Democrats introduced five articles of impeachment targeting President Trump, claiming that Trump has violated the Constitution.

Following through on their threats, Democratic representatives Steve Cohen, Luis Gutierrez, Brad Sherman and Al Green were among those at a press conference, saying the five articles of impeachment come out of concern for the country's national security. The articles focus on Trump's firing of former FBI Director James Comey, perceived violations of the Emoluments Clause, as well as actions "undermining" the judiciary and freedom of the press.

"We believe that President Trump has violated the Constitution, and we've introduced five articles of impeachment," Cohen said at a press conference.

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Why didn't the watchdog bark?

After failing to detect and stop Al Qaeda’s 9/11 attack sixteen years ago, Congress more than doubled the budget of American intelligence agencies and gave them unprecedented secret authorities. ...

And yet, last year, these vastly larger agencies failed to defend, or even warn, the American public against the most audacious Russian covert operation toward the United States since the end of the Cold War. Only after the fact, when a Russian disinformation campaign had already tainted the 2016 Presidential election, did the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, another vast post-9/11 creation, disclose the Kremlin’s interference. The unclassified January, 2017, report, made public by the O.D.N.I., included only the thinnest of evidence, leaving many people wondering if it were true. Whether the Russian campaign actually changed the outcome of the election is impossible to know, but it clearly succeeded at exacerbating political divisions in the United States and undermining the credibility of the results.

Unlike 9/11, the Russian campaign did not occur without warning on a quiet fall day. Rather, it unfolded over at least six months on Americans’ social-media accountshardly the stuff of spy novels. Kremlin leaders had signalled their plans years in advance. The Russian playbook wasn’t a secret, either. It had been well documented by European governments, researchers, and journalists after the Kremlin’s information operations to destabilize Estonia, in 2007; Georgia, in 2008; Ukraine, in 2014; and Britain, in the leadup to the 2016 Brexit vote.

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Spiraling out of control?

I was talking with someone the other day, who I know well enough to talk about current events. I don’t talk about my politics with anyone in real life, but I will chat about current events in the cable chat show sort of way, always careful not to take the wrong side. If I’m around a gang of Progs, for example, I make sure to sound like an NPR listener, if I’m forced to speak about current events. The person I was with is what you people would call a Boomer normie. He watches Fox News and voted for Trump, over Hillary.

I forget what we were discussing, but he said, "Do you ever get the feeling that things are spiraling out of control?" He went on to point out that his parents thought the world was going to hell when his generation was going crazy, but he did not think they ever lost confidence in the country. They were just sick of the kids and communists. His last thought on it was "It just feels like no one is in control anymore. All it is going to take is someone to pull on the right thread and the whole thing comes unraveled."

I did not have a response, as that’s the sort of topic that leads to saying banned things in public and you cannot be too careful. Even when around people I’m pretty sure think the bad thoughts, I’ve made a habit of keeping my mouth shut. I figure it is good practice for when they start coming door-to-door like they are doing in Europe, looking for people who post truthful things on social media. It will probably never happen in America, but you can never be sure, so I only speak freely around certified hate thinkers at hate conferences.

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Seeking sugar

As the storm clouds of peak stupidity gather over the heads of the millennial generation who were conned by banks, government, and universities to take out excessive amounts of leverage in auto loans, credit cards, and student debt; millions have flocked to a new website seeking ‘Sugar Daddies’ and or even ‘Sugar Mommies’ to pay off their debt amid an economic environment where wage growth remains non-existent.

Today’s real simple get-out-of-debt option for the broke college/post college millennial is through an unconventional dating website called

In 2016, the website identified some 2.5 million college students who turned to the site in an act of desperation to find a ‘Sugar Daddy’ or even a ‘Sugar Mommy’ in exchange of personal time for straight cash.

The website’s mission is to "delivers a new way for relationships to form and grow. Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies or Mommas both get what they want, when they want it".

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Failure of the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

The U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced today that the United States filed civil complaints in the District of Minnesota against four individuals who allegedly fraudulently obtained their naturalized U.S. citizenship. The complaints allege that the individualsa purported husband, wife, and two sonsunlawfully, knowingly, and fraudulently represented to immigration officials that they were a family to gain admission to the United States through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. Each individual, the complaints allege, ultimately naturalized due to his or her fraudulent representations.

"For decades, the American people have begged and pleaded with their government for a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interesta system that has as its foremost priorities their safety, their jobs, and their well-being," Attorney General Jeff Sessions said. "The current immigration system is easily abused by fraudsters and nefarious actors, and that’s certainly true of the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. If the fraud is not detected and swift enforcement actions are not taken, chain migration only multiplies the consequences of this abuse. Unfortunately, there are many instances of fraud across our immigration system. The American people deserve a better system that works for them, and the Department of Justice will continue its efforts to deliver one to them."

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The Dreadful Night

223 years ago today, "The Dreadful Night" occurred in Western Pennsylvania, after an uprising called The Whiskey Rebellion.

The United States was brand new. Soldiers who had fought for independence from Great Britain found themselves on opposite sides of a skirmish. Some were having their rights violated practically before the ink was dry on the Bill of Rights. Other Veterans of the Revolution were doing the oppressing at Alexander Hamilton’s behest.

The Whiskey Rebellion saw farmers stand up to an unfair tax handed down by the federal government, and the government responded with the force of a monarchy. It may have all sprung from Alexander Hamilton’s desire for glory. Or Hamilton, the first Secretary of Treasury, may have had other motives for setting the precedent of force which still lives on today.

It all started after the Revolution, in 1791, when the federal government was in debt, and had no official money. The notes they paid to soldiers were worth fractions of what was promised, but many had no choice but to accept the funds and go home in order to try to survive.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Humans for sale in Libya

"Eight hundred," says the auctioneer. "900 … 1,000 … 1,100 …" Sold. For 1,200 Libyan dinars the equivalent of $800.

Not a used car, a piece of land, or an item of furniture. Not "merchandise" at all, but two human beings.

One of the unidentified men being sold in the grainy cell phone video obtained by CNN is Nigerian. He appears to be in his twenties and is wearing a pale shirt and sweatpants.

He has been offered up for sale as one of a group of "big strong boys for farm work," according to the auctioneer, who remains off camera. Only his hand resting proprietorially on the man’s shoulder is visible in the brief clip.

After seeing footage of this slave auction, CNN worked to verify its authenticity and traveled to Libya to investigate further.

Carrying concealed cameras into a property outside the capital of Tripoli last month, we witness a dozen people go "under the hammer" in the space of six or seven minutes.

"Does anybody need a digger? This is a digger, a big strong man, he’ll dig," the salesman, dressed in camouflage gear, says. "What am I bid, what am I bid?"

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Obama holdovers still in ICE

The country’s immigration enforcement officers launched a website Tuesday demanding that President Trump do more to clean up their agency, saying he has left the Obama team in place and it’s stymying his goal of enforcing laws on the books.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement supervisors in Philadelphia banned officers from wearing bulletproof vests during an operation in the dangerous "badlands" section in the city’s north for fear of offending the immigrant community, according to a new website,

Meanwhile, officers in one Utah city are required to give city officials seven days’ heads-up before arresting anyone and by the time they go to make the arrest, the immigrants they are targeting have taken off, the website says.

Compiled by the National ICE Council, which represents ICE officers, the website is part whistleblower and part primal scream for Mr. Trump to pay attention to a group of people who were among his staunchest backers during the presidential campaign.

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No more free passes

President Donald Trump on Tuesday named immigration hardliner Tom Homan, who has served nearly 10 months as acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to run ICE on a permanent basis.

Homan has run the agency since Obama appointee Sarah SaldaƱa the former U.S. attorney in Dallas stepped down when Trump took office in January. He has been a public face of the administration’s crackdowns on immigrants and border security, a tough-talking law enforcement careerist who is unapologetic about being "heartless" when it comes to deporting even the most sympathetic longtime U.S. residents.

"I get asked all the time, ‘Why do you arrest somebody that has been here for 10 years, for 15 years in the USA and has kids?'" he said a month ago at the conservative Heritage Foundation. "If we keep sending this message, ‘It’s OK to violate the laws of this country and … not be worried about enforcement,’ then we’re never going to solve the border crisis. … It’s never going to be solved as long as people think they get a free pass."

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Quote of the day

Referrals for investigations

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has confirmed it has received multiple congressional referrals for investigations over the past year regarding the sale of twenty percent of the American uranium supply to Russia's nuclear arm, as well as calls for investigations into allegations of pay-for-play regarding the Clinton Foundation, Circa has learned.

Multiple sources, including congressional officials, tell Circa that the requests sent to the Department of Justice over the past year have led to ongoing investigations, which they say also include investigations into the alleged leaking of classified information to the media and the improper unmasking of Americans.

DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores told Circa, "the department takes seriously all allegations from Congress of criminal conduct in determining whether to open an investigation." She said, "requests to open an investigation would be referred to the appropriate investigative agency, such as the FBI, for review."

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There are a limited number of ways to peacefully govern a multi-racial or multi-ethnic society. There’s the hard separation that existed in the North before the Civil Rights Movement. The South had a soft segregation. The old way of stating the difference was that whites in the North were willing to treat blacks as equals as long as they did not have to live near them. In the South, whites were willing to live near blacks, as long as they did not have to treat them as equals. Both are now forbidden to mention in public now.

America has settled on Proportionalism for the last half century, as a way to navigate through the impossible task of keeping the peace between blacks and whites. Now that tens of millions of foreigners have been added to the mix, what was a pretty good situation in the 1980’s has become increasingly untenable. Thirty years ago, most people, black or white, were optimistic about race relations. That’s clearly not the case today and people are starting to wonder if it is even possible to make it work.

That's what makes this New York Times op-ed so interesting. The conventional way to read it is as more of the same blame and shame the Left has done for decades. The writer is supposed to be the sympathetic character and the whites are the bad guys in the never ending drama. The writer spends a lot of time listing the sins of white people and how that makes him feel. The thing is though, the way it is written leaves the impression that race relations are hopeless. This bit at the end strikes a dark note.

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They twist the rules....

A former UCLA communications professor known for his staunch defense of free speech who was recently fired by the university offered a sobering message to a room full of conservative- and libertarian-leaning students enrolled there.

"If they can get rid of a professor like me for speaking his mind, what is stopping them from doing the same thing to all of you," Keith Fink asked the Bruin Republicans.

"We are in the middle of another Red Scare," said Fink, an attorney and longtime lecturer who was terminated by the university earlier this year despite his popularity among students. His classes, which focused on free speech rights, often garnered waiting lists with 200-plus students.

He made the comments during his speech Wednesday for the GOP campus club. During his talk, called "UCLA’s Dirty Tricks Against Conservatives," Fink said of UCLA’s leadership: "They twist the rules, they distort the rules, they ignore the rules."

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George Strait's house in San Antonio is for sale
$3.9 million

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Trump forcing immigration attorneys to change

Government data shows the Trump administration has already shifted the "culture" of immigration attorneys, who used to have more tools under the Obama administration to delay court decisions on whether to remove illegal immigrants, but are now being forced to push for a final verdict more quickly.

Under Obama, immigration attorneys were more likely to leave cases for illegal immigrants in limbo, thus preventing them from ever ruling on whether they needed to be removed from the U.S. An official from the Executive Office for Immigration Review explained to the Washington Examiner that attorneys would push for an administrative closure, or a pause in the proceedings before an administrative judge.

That pause could be achieved by seeking continuance in the case, which might then make it easier to justify a decision not to prosecute.

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Sexual harassment

In the panic about lecherous MPs and sleazy film producers, everything from knee-touching to rape has been lumped together under the heading ‘sexual harassment’. The only purpose this term now serves is to label all men as abusers and all women as victims. A faceless but omnipotent patriarchy, feminists tell us, holds sway over women and girls. Apparently, it is men’s bad behaviour, a male sense of entitlement garnered from covert networks of privilege, even men’s stature and strength, that causes problems for women.

Feminism has long pitched men against women. But increasingly it pitches women against women, too. Women who don’t see men as problematic, who refuse to accept that ‘the patriarchy’ lies at the root of all their difficulties, are alternately pitied for suffering from internalised misogyny and loathed for betrayal. The sexual-harassment panic makes clear that there are some types of women feminists approve of women who bravely detail their knee-touching allegations in newspaper columns, for example while other women who refuse to join in with the pity-me stories are shamed for victim-blaming.

Earlier this week I took part in a debate about sexual harassment on Channel 4 News. Sitting alongside me was Dame Ann Leslie, one of the great reporters of the 20th century and a foreign correspondent at a time when such jobs were considered unsuitable for women. Leslie travelled the world, often alone, reporting from Moscow to Zimbabwe, from Berlin when the wall came down to South Africa when Mandela was released. Despite her age and physical frailty, her sense of humour and feistiness brought badly needed perspective to the discussion. Yes, she acknowledged, sexual harassment takes place. But she dealt with it through being fearless and fearful, once stubbing out a cigarette on someone, and shouting loudly at others.

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Professor rejects Leftist propaganda

Professor Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto instructor who won’t use "gender neutral" pronouns, says students should know what they’re getting into when taking courses from hard-core leftist faculty. That’s not sitting well with some of Peterson’s colleagues who say identifying their politics amounts to harassment.

Peterson told the Toronto Star on Friday that he has discussed the idea of creating an "information website" that would forewarn students that a course they’ve selected has an ideological axe to grind with "radical left social justice-oriented courses."

"I’m not happy with the fact that a huge chunk of the humanities and the social sciences have turned into an indoctrination cult. So I thought, well, the students need to be informed. Because they don’t have the information necessary to make an informed choice, and this would help them make an informed choice," Peterson told the Star.

The professor says he’s surprised that there would be objections raised now when he hasn’t even discussed the website for over three months. What Peterson envisioned at that time was a reference of "courses and professors and disciplines that should be avoided" for students not interested in left-wing social justice teaching.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

China's Beige Book

The China Beige Book, CBB, says that China had been covering up and smoothing over problems related to weak growth and excessive debt in order to provide a calm face to the world in advance of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which took place last month.

CBB also makes it clear that the much-touted "rebalancing" of the Chinese economy away from investment and manufacturing toward consumption and spending has not occurred. Instead China has doubled down on excess capacity in coal, steel and manufacturing and has continued its policy of wasteful investment fueled with unpayable debt.

It’s become obvious that the first cracks are starting to appear in China’s Great Wall of Debt.

The Chinese debt binge of the past 10 years is a well-known story. Chinese corporations have incurred dollar-denominated debts in the hundreds of billions of dollars, most of which are unpayable without subsidies from Beijing.

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Victims of Communism Day

When I posted about making May 1st Victims of Communism Day, I was not at all surprised that some on the left would get their knickers into a knot over the very idea. However, I was surprised that one left winger took exception not only to the date, but the idea that communists had killed millions of people at all. It was rather like coming face-to-face with a flat-earther or a Holocaust denier; you know such people exist, but you never expect to run into them in polite society. I thought such thinking had disappeared even on the left except among such hardcore dead-ender communist apologists as CPUSA or the Spartacist League (and, of course, Internet trolls). The only question today is not "did the communists kill tens of millions of people," but "precisely how many did they kill?"

Since historical awareness of the sheer vastness of communism’s legacy of genocide seems to have faded, now would be a good time to review the extensive historical record of communism’s crimes against humanity.

In Death by Government, R. J. Rummel estimates the total Soviet death toll at just under 62 million. That breakdown shows 11.4 million deaths under Collectivization, which would include the Ukrainian Famine, also known as the Holodomor.

In Robert Conquest’s definitive The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine (based on hundreds of sources of information, including dozens of interviews with famine survivors), he puts the total for the entire Collectivization/"De-Kulakization" period (including the Ukranian Famine, the Soviet suppression of the Kazakhs and the Crimean Tartars, etc.) at 14.5 million.

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Trump's economy

Foreign tourism to New York City is set to rise 3.6 percent this year defying yet another of the many doomsday predictions about Donald Trump’s presidency.

Back in February, the city tourism agency said Trump’s "travel ban and related rhetoric" would mean a drop of 300,000 visitors this year. But the NYC & Co. prophecy proved false.

Of course, other predictions were more dire particularly those about the stock market.

Finance expert Steve Rattner foresaw "a market crash of historic proportions" under a President Trump. Moody’s warned of a "weaker" economy. Many said 2 percent GDP growth was the best that could be hoped for.

Other doomsayers included Mark Cuban, CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin and firms such as Bridgewater Associates and Macroeconomic Advisers. (A less-dishonorable mention goes to Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman, who at least walked back his doomsaying about "a global recession, with no end in sight," soon after election night.)

In fact, the Dow has climbed more than 25 percent since Hillary Clinton conceded. And the first two full quarters of Trump’s term both saw growth of 3 percent or more. Oops.

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All-time high production of crude oil

U.S. crude oil production hit an all-time high last week, according to preliminary government data, in another sign of the resilience of American shale drillers.

The United States produced 9.62 million barrels of oil a day in the week through Nov. 3, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported on Wednesday. That just slightly topped a high struck in June 2015, just before the oil price crash sparked a more than one-year decline that sent U.S. output to about 8.4 million barrels a day.

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Muslims hate Jews

UK: Muslim Labour candidate says teachers "brainwashing us and our children into thinking the bad guy was Hitler"

Surprised? Don’t be. The Qur’an depicts the Jews as inveterately evil and bent on destroying the well-being of the Muslims. They are the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims (5:82); they fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181); they claim that Allah’s power is limited (5:64); they love to listen to lies (5:41); they disobey Allah and never observe his commands (5:13). They are disputing and quarreling (2:247); hiding the truth and misleading people (3:78); staging rebellion against the prophets and rejecting their guidance (2:55); being hypocritical (2:14, 2:44); giving preference to their own interests over the teachings of Muhammad (2:87); wishing evil for people and trying to mislead them (2:109); feeling pain when others are happy or fortunate (3:120); being arrogant about their being Allah’s beloved people (5:18); devouring people’s wealth by subterfuge (4:161); slandering the true religion and being cursed by Allah (4:46); killing the prophets (2:61); being merciless and heartless (2:74); never keeping their promises or fulfilling their words (2:100); being unrestrained in committing sins (5:79); being cowardly (59:13-14); being miserly (4:53); being transformed into apes and pigs for breaking the Sabbath (2:63-65; 5:59-60; 7:166); and more. They are under Allah’s curse (9:30), and Muslims should wage war against them and subjugate them under Islamic hegemony (9:29).

And with the Left completely sold out to the Islamic agenda, it is no surprise at all that Nasreen Khan is running as a Labour candidate.

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Muslim presence in early America

Finally, there is the argument, from toponyms, of a Muslim presence in America before there was a United States. Here John Hamed, Jr. descends into the absurd: "Islam was here even before there was a U.S.A. There are more than 500 places in the U.S. today with clearly Islamic names: Mecca, Indiana; Medina in New York, Ohio and Texas; Toledo, Ohio; Mahomet, Illinois; Islamorada, Florida; etc."

Note that Hamed does not give any dates for when these place names were first used. All of them appear to belong to the post-colonial period. Apparently Hamed is also unaware that there is a long tradition in this country of appropriating place names from the Bible, history books, gazetteers from all over the globe. We have many Old Testament "Zions" and "Canaans" and "Jerichos" and "Lebanons," and many towns called "Paris," "London," "Berlin," "Moscow," "Amsterdam," "Madrid," ‘Rome," Milan," "Venice," "Naples," or "Holland," "Denmark," "Sweden," names chosen because the town’s founding fathers liked their sound, or because someone came from there, or in some cases they wanted to signify another kind of link, as with devout Christians who might choose to give their settlement a Biblical place name. There’s a China, Texas, which has nothing to do with China, and two Calcuttas, one in Ohio and another in Indiana, but no one from India was among their founders. It’s hardly surprising that some settlers chose to name their town "Mecca." The very word has entered the language as a "center" for something, as, "Silicon Valley is a Mecca for entrepreneurs" or "Nashville is a Mecca for country-and-western singers." It could have sounded significant to the people who first settled there. A "Muslim presence" does not enter into it. "Medina," like "Calcutta," has been chosen as a town name for its exotic sound. You can be confident that the people who named "Medina, Ohio" or six other "Medinas" were not thinking of Muhammad or of Islam; we can be certain that none of those who founded and named "Medina" were Muslims, for had they been, Muslim writers would have made much of it.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Donald the Strong

"He’s true to himself," said Dai Xiang, a resident of the eastern province of Jiangsu who belongs to an online group of more than 23,000 people that exchanges news and commentary about Mr. Trump. "He’s real, unlike other politicians."...

They refer to him as "Uncle Trump," "Grand Commander" and "Donald the Strong." After Mr. Trump’s visit to the Forbidden City on Wednesday with President Xi Jinping, one fan wrote on social media, "Long live Emperor Trump!"

Mr. Trump’s Chinese fans praise his irrepressible style, his skill as an entertainer and his willingness to say what he thinks. Many also like the fact that he seems less inhibited than previous American presidents about recognizing China as a superpower and as an equal on the global stage....

They say Mr. Trump has changed the tone of America’s conversation with China. "People are sort of tired of listening to that criticism [of China]," said Xu Qinduo, a political commentator for China Radio International in Beijing. "Now we can talk to each other."...

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Saudis are cooked

Dr. Willie breaks down the recent Saudi Purge to show that all is not as it seems. Here’s why…Jim Willie of Golden Jackass joins Silver Doctors to discuss the Saudi Purge. "I think Saudi’s cooked," he says.

Jim Willie ties together the geo-politics the Saudi purge in Part II of the interview.

It is much more dark than is being reported in the MSM.

Jim Willie says the Saudi’s are broke and have no friends. He says they have been funding their war with Yemen via drug smuggling, and the Saudi’s have been paying for their domestic operations with bond sales.

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Quote of the day

The left are constantly prattling about "assault weapons" which are almost never used to commit murders (about 1% of gun murders; all rifles combined are around 3%). More murders are committed with baseball bats than "assault rifles"; the vast majority of gun homicides are committed with handguns, but it’s easier to sell restrictions that target "assault weapons", even though such restrictions, even if 100% effective, would make no detectable change in the murder rate (especially because of substitution effects). They favor ridiculous measures such as bans on "high capacity magazines", as if magazines weren’t cheap and easily swapped out in a fraction of a second.


I don't recognize my country today

Having grown up during the second half of the 20th century, I don’t recognize my country today. I experienced life in a competent country, and now I experience life in an incompetent country.

The police are incompetent. They shoot children, grandmothers, cripples, and claim that they feared for their life.

Washington’s foreign policy is incompetent. Washington has alienated the world with its insane illegal attacks on other countries. Today the United States and Israel are the two most distrusted countries on earth and the two countries regarded as the greatest threat to peace.

The military/security complex is incompetent. The national security state is so incompetent that it was unable to block the most humiliating attack in history against a superpower that proved to be entirely helpless as a few people armed with box cutters and an inability to fly an airplane destroyed the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon itself. The military industries have produced at gigantic cost the F-35 that is no match for the Russian fighters or even for the F-15s and F-16s it is supposed to replace.

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Celebrity rulers

National Review's call for Roy Moore to drop out of the Alabama race because "there is no such thing as a statute of limitations on standards" reminds us of an uncomfortable statistical fact, once widely accepted and prosaically expressed as "all men are sinners." Moore may or may not be guilty of sexual indiscretion, but the possibility is not excluded in principle. An earlier generation could probably quote 1 John 1:8: "if we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us" to remind themselves of this. Alternatively, they might cite James Madison.
[W]hat is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.
"Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help" was the usual warning. But somewhere along the line conventional wisdom discarded this injunction and media began to create the myth that there were special people to rule over us. Celebrities. A cultural elite. Role models. The only adults in the room. The smartest woman in the world. As social media exposes celebrity after celebrity as flawed we are relearning just how fragile that foundation is.

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It's okay to eat non-believers

The man, who was not recognised as an imam in the Muslim faith, was one of 10 people arrested in France and Switzerland suspected of plotting a terror attack in France.

The arrested group, aged between 18 and 65, used encrypted messaging app Telegram to plan the alleged attack, an unnamed French judicial source said.

The 27-year-old imam, who was among the nine people arrested in France, is a Swiss national who converted to Islam three years ago, Swiss prosecutors said.

He had given himself the title of "emir," and is believed to have "indoctrinated" the younger members of the Telegram chat group, of which he was the administrator.

The self-styled imam posed as an expert in Islam and made his online followers believe he had extensive knowledge and command of the Koran according to Europe 1 radio.

Europe 1 journalists who were able to read some of the Telegram messages sent by the imam, who went by the alias ‘Al-Bosni’, added he had told the members of the chat group that it was "OK to eat non-believers" if "absolutely necessary".

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Odds and ends

"The two President Bushes now seek approval from people who not just disdain them, but who will dance on their graves when they die."

The S&P is up 21% since Trump's election.

"The fact that there are moderate Muslims doesn’t mean there is a moderate Islam."

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile says she "Feared For Her Life" after Seth Rich was killed.

Measurements from satellites this year showed the hole in Earth’s ozone layer that forms over Antarctica each September was the smallest observed since 1988, scientists from NASA and NOAA announced Friday.

Vin Scully said Saturday night that he will "never watch another NFL game" in response to the ongoing demonstrations by some players during the national anthem.

Recently released documents say Martin Luther King had huge sexual appetites. One of his most surprising love affairs was with folk singer Joan Baez.

What is known as the Battle of the Little Bighorn to whites is known as the Battle of the Greasy Grass to Indians.

Headline....Why Donna Brazile threw Hillary under the bus, Hillary called her a Brain Dead Buffalo.

NFL continues to suffer massive numbers of empty seats on gameday. Photos here

Boeing has contributed at least $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Keith Olbermann says Trump is worse than Osama bin Laden and ISIS.

Headline....President Trump doesn't bow before Japanese emperor like Obama

Trump is the first U.S. president invited to dine in the Forbidden City.

Roman Empire interactive map

The Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee shelled out $12 million seeking incriminating information on Trump from Russian government officials.

President Trump will not receive an invitation to the Paris Climate Change Summit in December. (boohoo)

Headline....D.C.'s next monument could honor Marion Barry

Brazil in 2016 registered a record 61,619 murders, the largest yearly total in the country’s history and an average of 168 per day or 7 per hour, according to figures released Monday by the non-governmental Brazilian Public Safety Forum.

Last year when Obama visited China, he was prevented from using his stairs to deplane Air Force One in a major snub. Trump didn't have that problem: Chinese authorities had a rolling staircase tall enough to reach the front door of the plane.

In California, it is now illegal to go to a rifle range with your best friend and loan him your .22LR to shoot at a paper target.

Headline....Las Vegas' self-driving bus crashes in first hour of service.

One of the Obama Foundation's newest members of its board of directors is none other than Penny Pritzker, the Commerce Department secretary under the Barack Obama administration and the finance chair of Obama's 2008 campaign and oh yes, this too, a name that just surfaced in the Paradise Papers as tied to offshore tax havens.

While students demanded that a lecture by conservative scholar Charles Murray be canceled in September, Harvard University hosted a workshop on anal sex this week.

Headline....Air Force pilot shortage grows to nearly 2000.

An Australian Antarctic research station is now relying solely on diesel power generation after a wind turbine collapsed overnight.

Oklahoma woman marries her biological mother. The mother was once married to her biological son.

A 2007 study by Princeton and University of Pennsylvania sociologists examined the standardized test scores of black students enrolled at 28 selective universities. The study found that foreign-born black college-bound students earned a statistically significant advantage on SAT scores, averaging a score of 1250 (out of 1600) compared to 1193 average points for their American black counterparts.


Retail apocalypse

Whenever I write about our "retail apocalypse", many try to counter my arguments by pointing out the growing dominance of Amazon. And I certainly can’t deny that online shopping is on the rise, but it still accounts for less than 10 percent of total U.S. retail sales. No, something bigger is happening in our economy, and it isn’t receiving nearly enough attention from the mainstream media.

Back in 2008, a plummeting economy absolutely devastated retailers and it resulted in an all-time record of 6,163 retail stores being closed that year.

So far in 2017, over 6,700 stores have been shut down and we still have nearly two months to go! The following comes from CNN…

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Vigilantes in Italy

When Liliana Demedicis finishes washing the dishes, she glances at the kitchen clock: 9 p.m. sharp time to go on patrol. She puts on a bright pink raincoat and cap, grabs her smartphone, flashlight and pepper spray, and heads to a nearby park, where she meets up with a half-dozen other members of the Pink Guardian Angels. For the next four hours, these middle-aged women roam the streets of Novara, a medieval town in northern Italy, on the lookout for sexual predators, vandals or thieves, especially ones from the overflowing migrant camp on the outskirts that houses more than 500 refugees, primarily from sub-Saharan Africa. The Pink Guardian Angels are united in their conviction that where migrants go, crime and maybe even terrorism will surely follow.

In the past six months, civilian patrols have flourished in some 20 northern Italian towns where angry, frightened residents don’t think law enforcement is doing enough to protect them from migrants, whom they see as a threat to law and order. Their anxiety continues to ratchet up as the number of undocumented foreigners surges. Since 2014, nearly 500,000 asylum seekers have descended on Italy; last year set a record, with 171,000 refugees reaching the boot. Most migrants are housed in camps, with the highest concentrations in southern Sicily and in the northern tier of the country, where the vigilante movement is strongest. Many of the camps, like the one in Novara, are fenced, but refugees can move in and out freely, day and night. Residents are reacting by organizing civilian patrols and taking safety into their own hands.

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Zero proficient in math in Baltimore schools

For the past several weeks, one Fox affiliate in Baltimore has been publishing some staggering stories about the Baltimore public school system under an investigative series called "Project Baltimore." Just a few weeks ago we noted one of those stories in which an undercover teacher admitted that public schools routinely pass kids that never even bother to show up for class a single day during the school year.

Now, a stunning new installment of the Project Baltimore series from Fox 45 reveals that 13 public high schools sprinkled around Baltimore, of the city's 39 total, had exactly 0 kids that tested proficient in math.

An alarming discovery coming out of City Schools. Project Baltimore analyzed 2017 state testing data and found one-third of High Schools in Baltimore, last year, had zero students proficient in math.

Project Baltimore analyzed 2017 state test scores released this fall. We paged through 16,000 lines of data and uncovered this: Of Baltimore City’s 39 High Schools, 13 had zero students proficient in math.

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It is now fashionable to demonize Russia, but most Americans have forgotten key aspects of 20th-century history, including the Russians’ fight to stop the march of Nazi Germany. Seventy-five years ago this month, the Soviet Red Army surrounded and would soon destroy a huge invading German army at Stalingrad on the Volga River. Nearly 300,000 of Germany’s best soldiers would never return home. The epic 194243 battle for the city saw the complete annihilation of the attacking German 6th Army. It marked the turning point of World War II.

Before Stalingrad, Adolf Hitler regularly boasted on German radio as his victorious forces pressed their offensives worldwide. After Stalingrad, Hitler went quiet, brooding in his various bunkers for the rest of the war.

During the horrific Battle of Stalingrad, which lasted more than five months, Russian, American, and British forces also went on the offensive against the Axis powers in the Caucasus, in Morocco and Algeria, and on the island of Guadalcanal in the Pacific.

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End of Daylight Saving Time is dangerous

You’d think more sleep means less crankiness, but apparently not, according to a new study.

The Monday after Daylight Saving Time ends in the fall is more dangerous than other Mondays, according to a recent study published in Journal of Experimental Criminology. Aggregated police records from across the country show a slight uptick in assaults the Monday after we gain an hour in the fall, followed by a mirror decrease when we lose an hour in the spring.

The surprising results conflict with commonly held beliefs on sleep and mood.

"We were expecting the opposite of what we found," Rebecca Umbach, the study’s co- author and a criminology doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania, said. "In the spring, people should be cranky and angry and act accordingly."

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Type III propaganda

The form of propaganda known as False Definition, the third type described by Richard Weaver in his essay collection In Defense of Tradition, is the broadest and most flexible of the three major forms. False Definition includes gaslighting, goalpost-shifting, appeal to [false] authority, appeal to [false] consensus, the logical fallacy of False Cause and Begging the Question, and nearly any other argument that relies on purposeful manipulation of the meaning of words. This makes it particularly easy to find in practice, but particularly difficult to analyze as a scholar. The category is just so broad that any attempt to isolate and interpret this form of propaganda inevitably leads to a reductionist approach which ignores a key element of False Definition. There is one area, however, where the Cathedral and its media mouthpieces illustrate Type III propaganda in nearly its full depth: the media’s non-approach to left-wing terrorism.

Most people think critically about a name only the first time that they hear it. Then they assign it a value and tuck it away on a mental shelf. Political and other propagandists know this well, and one of their favorite tricks is to take the name down and use it with the value originally attached. The propagandist is thus making use of a certain force of inertia, created by the ordinary man’s unwillingness or lack of time to re-examine terms. In our day, such terms as "Tory," "radical," "copperhead," "aristocrat," and "red" are used in just this way, without reference to their rational content."

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