Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It pays to be a refugee

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany get more money in welfare and benefits than an average German working family earns.

Official figures show that the average monthly take home wage for a German family is €2,147, while an invader family gets payments and benefits to the value of €2,583 per month.

When an invader pretending to be a refugee first sets foot in Germany, they get immediate cash handouts. In the so-called "initial reception facility," an adult single refugee receives a cash payment of €143 per month to cover personal needsthis is called "pocket money" in the unofficial parlance.

Couples get €129 each, that is, €258 euros "pocket money" per month. In addition, for every child up the age of six years, the invaders get an additional €84 "pocket money" per month.

For each additional child between the ages of 6 and 13 years, they get an additional €92 "pocket money" per month, and for each child between the ages of 14 and 17, they get an additional €85 per month.

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Low intensity sabotage

French companies try to cope with Islamism in its two modes: the soft one -- veils spreading throughout every office, an increase in lawsuits against employers on religious grounds; and the hard one -- terrorism and threats of Islamic terrorism.

According to the French satirical weekly, Le Canard Enchaîné, in October, 40 Air France plane fuel hatches were covered in graffiti stating: "Allahu Akbar" ("Allah is Greatest"). Citing anti-terror police, the magazine reported that airplane functions had been deliberately tampered with and that the pilots' communications and engine control from the cockpit kept failing.

This repeated sabotage of several planes was spotted thanks to standardized safety checks. A quick police investigation identified an employee of Air France to be the responsible party. The problem: this French convert to Islam, knowing he was under suspicion, already left the country. He is now said to "be a refugee in Yemen, while his wife continues to lead an Islamic school near Orly [another airport close to Paris]." Added to this, Air France computer systems were hacked: Last Christmas, security announcements on a Paris-Amsterdam flight were programmed to be automatically delivered in Arabic. A computer bug, Air France said.

The Geovision system that allows Air France passengers to follow their route on a world map has been hacked twice. As a consequence, Israel was wiped off the map and replaced by "Gaza." Finally, in another recent incident, a ramp agent refused to guide a plane that had just landed, on the grounds that the captain was a woman.

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Quote of the day

The ancient Greeks taught us that arrogance brings payback, that nothing is sure in a fickle universe, that none of us can be judged successful and happy until we die, and that moderation and humility alone protect us from our darker sides.



Fighting muslim terrorism

A century before American soldiers fought Muslim terrorism in the Middle East, they fought it in the Philippines. Their attackers were Moro Muslims whose savage fanaticism appeared inexplicable. A formerly friendly Muslim might suddenly attack American soldiers, local Muslim rulers promised friendship while secretly aiding the terrorists and the yellow left-wing press at home seized on every report of an atrocity to denounce American soldiers as murderers whose honor was forever soiled.

Much of what went on in that conflict, including the sacrifices of our soldiers, has been forgotten. The erasure has been so thorough that the media casually claims that the American forces did not use pig corpses and pig’s blood to deter Muslim terrorists. Media fact checks have deemed it a "legend".

It’s not a legend. It’s history.

The practice began in the Spanish period. A source as mainstream as the New Cambridge History of Islam informs us that, "To discourage Juramentados, the Spaniards buried their corpses with dead pigs."

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Gluten nonsense

Okay, the next person who tells me he’s gluten-free is gonna get kicked in the gluten.

There’s a restaurant here trying to sell me gluten-free enchiladas.

I mean, really?


There’s no such thing as gluten-free enchiladas. If it doesn’t have gluten in it, it’s not an enchilada!

Let me give you my theory about the GOTs.

That would be Gluten-Obsessed Terrorists.

It’s the word itself. As soon as people hear the word gluten, they think, "That sounds like a longer, more serious version of glut. There’s a glut of food involved. It’s gonna make me fat."

But it also sounds like glutes, the shortened version of gluteus maximus, the chirpy fitness trainer’s favorite word, as in, "Okay, guys, I want three sets of Barbell Hip Thrust Lunges because we’re working those glutes today!"

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Winter of 1432

While searching through historical archives to find out more about the 15th-century climate of what is now Belgium, northern France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, Chantal Camenisch noticed something odd. "I realised that there was something extraordinary going on regarding the climate during the 1430s," says the historian from the University of Bern in Switzerland.

Compared with other decades of the last millennium, many of the 1430s’ winters and some springs were extremely cold in the Low Countries, as well as in other parts of Europe. In the winter of 1432-33, people in Scotland had to use fire to melt wine in bottles before drinking it. In central Europe, many rivers and lakes froze over. In the usually mild regions of southern France, northern and central Italy, some winters lasted until April, often with late frosts. This affected food production and food prices in many parts of Europe. "For the people, it meant that they were suffering from hunger, they were sick and many of them died," says Camenisch.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Voter fraud in Nevada

Today, Megan Barth interviewed Republican Assembly Candidate for District 15, Stan Vaughan, with actual proof of massive voter fraud in his Clark County district. Vaughan brought into the NEWSMAXTV Las Vegas studio and laid it out for all to see, US postal service certified returned mail from 9,200 voters in District 15. Many of the people who were listed as deceased are still on the active voter rolls today. Many of the returned mail came back with 5 people living in a vacant lot with no mail receptacle.

Edward Snowden, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and dozens of movie stars were registered to vote in District 15 according to Mr. Vaughan. Mr. Vaughan tested a sample of 200 people of the 9,200 return mail and found that 185 of those had indeed voted.

Mr. Vaughan and many others have testified that they went to the polls to vote only to be told they had voted already. They were given a provisional ballots which would only be counted if the total vote count was within 1% according to poll supervisors.

According to Mr. Vaughan, there were other serious voting system irregularities he documented, including early voting numbers flipping day to day. A total number of 17,086 votes were cast in District 15 for both Republican and Democrat candidates. 9,200 voters on the voter rolls who, by law, should not be on the voter rolls is a huuge discrepancy. Vaughan reported the certified returned mail issue to Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, who according to Vaughan, sent the issue back to Clark County to investigate itself.

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It's justifiable if you're a Muslim

In a shocking move, the taxpayer-funded hotline said it would not pursue a criminal complaint over horrific messages from radical Islamists because the Koran says gay people can be killed.

The disgraceful stance came to light when a member of the public complained about death threats posted to an online forum which called for homosexuals to be "burned, decapitated and slaughtered".

Dutch MPs today reacted with horror to the revelations, demanding an immediate inquiry into the remarks and calling for the hotline to be stripped of public funding.

According to Dutch media advisors from the anti-discrimination bureau MiND said that, while homophobic abuse was usually a crime, it was justifiable if you were Muslim due to laws on freedom of religious expression.

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Recount in Wisconsin

Trump defeated Clinton in Wiconsin's initial tally by about one percent, or just over 22,000 votes. Nevertheless, Green Party candidate Jill Stein (who finished a very distant fourth) is demanding a full recount after suggesting fraud or technological glitches may have swayed the results. In response to Stein’s demand, Wisconsin began recounting all its ballots Thursday.

But the first results to emerge suggest the final tally will be rather close to the original one. Only Menominee County, home to the Menominee Indian Reservation, fully reported its recounted results on the first day. It found 17 extra votes for Stein and 12 for Libertarian Gary Johnson, while removing two votes from Trump and one from Clinton.

When putting all the results together, that means the first day of the recount narrowed the gap between Clinton and Trump by just a single vote.

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Prevent, the British government’s counter-extremism strategy, has been controversial since it was first proposed a decade ago. Under Prevent, teachers, lecturers and a host of other professionals have a duty to safeguard individuals considered susceptible to radicalisation. Anyone who appears to challenge British values, or whose behaviour attracts suspicion, can be reported to local authorities for monitoring and re-education. Nearly 4,000 people were referred under Prevent in 2015, almost three times as many as in the previous year. The youngest was just four years old.

Spiked has been vocal in criticising Prevent for fuelling bans on campus speakers, monitoring research and creating a climate of mistrust and suspicion among academics and students. Others, such as the National Union of Students (NUS) and the lecturers’ union, UCU, share these concerns and have challenged Prevent for promoting racism and Islamophobia and targeting Muslims. The NUS has been at the forefront of opposition, with its Preventing Prevent handbook and its Students Not Suspects campaign. UCU Left offers advice on ‘Challenging the Prevent Agenda’ and in March this year members of the National Union of Teachers backed a motion calling for Prevent to be scrapped.

In recent years, opposing Prevent has become a central principle of the political left in the UK. Sadly, this has only ever amounted to, at best, a half-hearted defence of free speech; the NUS, for example, fails to recognise that when it comes to banning speakers, Prevent and its own preferred policy of No Platform are two sides of the same censorious coin. Nonetheless, the NUS posed a clear and definite challenge to Prevent.

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George Washington's sash

One winter day in December 1775, months after the battles at Concord and Lexington marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the nascent American military formally met its commander-in-chief. A group of Virginia rifleman found themselves in the middle of a massive snowball fight with a regiment of quick-talking New Englanders who ridiculed the strangely dressed Virginians in their "white linen frocks, ruffled and fringed." The colonies were still strangers to each other at this point: The Declaration of Independence was months away, and the ragtag army representing the rebels was far from formally "American." The meeting of nearly 1,000 soldiers quickly devolved into an all-out brawl on the snowy grounds of Harvard Yard.

But as quickly as it had begun, the fighting screeched to a halt. A man charged into the middle of the fray on horseback, seizing two men into the air with his bare hands and ordering the militiamen to stand down. Few of the assembled soldiers recognized him as George Washington: Most Americans barely knew what the untested general looked like, let alone anything about his mettle. But part of his uniform announced his identity: his sash. The blue-green shimmering ribbon of silk caught the afternoon light, a formal sign of his command and, according to historians, one of the earliest symbols of national identity in a nascent country that lacked a constitution and a flag. The snowball fight ceased immediately the general was on the prowl.

George Washington’s sash remains one of the Revolutionary War’s most extraordinary artifacts. Like the unknown Virginian leading the rebellion against the British, the powder-blue ribbon became one of the earliest symbols of the United States. But for some reason, the sash has languished in relative obscurity, resigned to back rooms and dusty archives for decades until now.

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Border Patrol reduced to baby sitting

Border Patrol agents have been reduced to "professional child care providers" for illegal immigrants, warming burritos and babysitting the families and unaccompanied children who are surging across the border at an increasing rate, the agents’ frustrated chief told Congress on Wednesday.

Chief Mark Morgan, who was tapped to lead the agency in June, said he has had to pull hundreds of his agents from patrolling against drugs and illegal border crossers in Arizona and California and shipped them to Texas, where they would be manning what amounts to day care holding centers, stocking baby powder and placing requisition orders for baby wipes.

"Agents, one of their jobs during the day, is to make sure the burritos that are being provided are being warmed properly," he told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

"It really is child care professional stuff that we’re doing: clothing them, feeding them, making sure that they get the medical attention, making sure that they’re able to sleep, making sure that they get appropriate meals during the day, make sure they have snacks, that meals are warm," he said.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Odds and ends

Ted Cruz says there will be pitchforks and torches in the streets if Trump doesn't come through with his campaign promises.

Fidel Castro...."Revolutionary justice is not based on legal precepts, but on moral conviction...we are not executing innocent people or political opponents. We are executing murderers and they deserve it."

American newspapers....243 endorsed Hillary, 20 endorsed Trump, 9 endorsed Gary Johnson, and 1 endorsed Evan McMullin.

It’s not so easy to find someone who still uses a wallet in Venezuela, where inflation is expected to reach 720 percent this year and the biggest bill 100 bolivars is worth about 5 U.S. cents on the black market....

Headline....Somali Refugee Stabs Students, Left Blames Guns

Liberals don't even realize how their photoshops are in error.

The Obama administration is said to be raiding Medicare accounts to feed illegal youths.

Quote from a strange website I stumbled upon...."You might not be ethnocentric, but your conquerors will be."

Hmmm. Virginia is second only to California in total number of missing children.

Mocking Justin Trudeau over his praise for Castro...."As we mourn Emperor Caligula, let us always remember his steadfast devotion to Senate reform," one Twitter user jibed in Trudeau-speak. "Although flawed, Hitler was a vegetarian who loved animals, was a contributor to the arts, and proud advocate for Germany," another joked. "Kim Jong Il will always be remembered fondly for his leadership and contributions on climate change," another chimed in.

Headline....Woman Arrested For Hitting Husband with Turkey

Khalid Sheik Mohammed...."We will win because Americans don’t realize ... we do not need to defeat you militarily; we only need to fight long enough for you to defeat yourself by quitting."

For those who don't like our Electoral system...In the U.N. tiny Luxembourg gets the same vote as China.

In Cuba the U.S. is referred to as El Exterior.

Oklahoma Senator Lankford reports in his latest "Federal Fumbles" that $1 billion in tax money has been spent on hospitals and infrastructure in Palestine.

Four in ten muslims in the UK would be okay with sharia.

The bombing of Nagasaki with an atomic weapon has an interesting side story. The airburst was directly over Urakami Cathedral which was the largest Christian church in the Far East at the time. Conspiracy folks sometimes wonder if the bombing was a coincidence or a blatant attack on Christianity under wartime cover.

9% of Hillary's supporters support building a wall on the southern border.

72% of Hillary's supporters said blacks are treated unfairly.

54% of Hillary's supporters had a college degree.

45% of Trump's supporters had a college degree.

A small town in Kansas set up a trail cam to catch photos of a mountain lion that was said to be skulking about.

Many of us have been so brainwashed over the years by sheer repetition, rather than by either logic or empirical tests that statistical disparities are automatically taken to mean discrimination, whether between races, sexes or whatever.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Quote of the day

"I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth."

--- Barack Obama

Do your job, FBI

It’s time for the FBI to conduct a detailed investigation into the violence and political thuggery that continue to mar the presidential election’s aftermath. A thorough probe of the proteststo include possible ties to organizations demanding vote recountswill give the Bureau's integrity-challenged director, James Comey, a chance to sandblast his sullied badge.

Director Comey must also include "elector intimidation" on his post-election investigation list. Reports that members of the Electoral College are being harassed and threatened by angry, vicious (and likely Democratic Party) malcontents require Comey’s quick and systematic attention.

Michael Banerian, one of Michigan's 16 electors, told CNN: "Obviously, this election cycle was pretty divisive. Unfortunately it’s bled over into the weeks following the election and I have been inundated with death threats, death wishes, generally angry messages trying to get me to change my vote to Hillary Clinton or another person, and unfortunately, it’s gotten a little out of control."

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Brothers at Arms

When they read about the Battle of Yorktown, most students of American history must be at least mildly surprised when a French fleet arrives to bottle up Lord Cornwallis and the British army. In most histories, it's the first mention of French participation in our war for independence. In fact, the French and the Spanish, as Larrie D. Ferreiro makes clear in his remarkable history of Revolutionary America's allies, Brothers at Arms, were there practically from the beginning.

"Americans," he writes, "today celebrate the July Fourth holiday under somewhat false pretenses." The Declaration of Independence "was not meant for King George III ... Instead, the Declaration was written as a call for help from France and Spain." Many Americans understood from the beginning what Alexander Hamilton came to understand by 1780, "If we are saved France and Spain must save us."

As the rebellion against England's "economic tyranny" of the colonies neared, "American colonials were far wealthier than their British counterparts at almost every level of society." America's reserves of manpower were far greater than Britain's, but the rebels were woefully lacking in supplies - muskets, flints, gunpowder, uniforms - and training. Europeans would supply both. Benjamin Franklin, hard at work in Paris, "was inventing American diplomacy on the fly: arranging for private loans and subsidies from Versailles to keep the arms flowing..."

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Fetal remains to be cremated or buried in Texas, not thrown out in the trash

With Texas set to implement rules requiring the burial or cremation of fetal remains, it's not just health care providers who are anxious about the recently adopted requirements.

Funeral directors in the state are joining the chorus of medical professionals and reproductive rights activists who have raised concerns about the rules. Though it hasn't taken a formal position on the requirements, the Texas Funeral Directors Association says it’s concerned about how they’ll affect the families they serve and the costs associated with compliance.

Starting Dec. 19, Texas will require hospitals, abortion clinics and other health care facilities to ensure that fetal remains be cremated or buried regardless of the period of gestation and prohibit them from disposing of fetal remains in sanitary landfills, a common practice for medical waste.

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Election numbers

There are 3,141 counties in the United States.

Trump won 3,084 of them.
Clinton won 57.

There are 62 counties in New York State.

Trump won 46 of them.
Clinton won 16.

Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.

In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond)

Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.
The United States is comprised of 3, 797,000 square miles.

When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.) don’t and shouldn’t speak for the rest of our country.



So what will replace Obamacare?

Obamacare is dead. Long live ... what? That is unclear. "Vice President-elect Mike Pence said Tuesday that repealing and replacing ObamaCare would be the first item on President-elect Donald Trump's agenda," according to Fox News. Its successor will emerge from a series of discussions soon to take place. "It’ll be the first thing out of the gate. ... He wants the Congress when they convene in early January to take up the task of repealing and replacing ObamaCare first."

One of the possible replacements could be the Health Care Compact if only because the list of those who supported H.J.Res.50 reads like a Who's Who in the incoming administration. ...

The program that Mother Jones once derided as "a longshot" and pipe-dream of a delusional Tea Party has now come within measurable distance of becoming a serious contender to replace Obamacare.

According to the Congressional record the HCC would give "primary responsibility for regulation of health care to the state. Federal and state laws remain in effect in a member state until suspended by the state. A member state is responsible for federal funding obligations that remain in effect in the state. Each year, a member state is entitled to federal funds equal to the total federal spending on health care in the state during FY2010, adjusted for inflation and population." It turns federal funds into what amounts to a block grant, leaving states free to create, cooperate and compete.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump's America

Ann Coulter, author and "goddess of the online right" according to SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, joined Breitbart News Daily for a special Thanksgiving discussion on immigration, the new Trump cabinet, building the wall, the "existential threat" of open-borders globalism, and how Donald Trump is going to save "the last Christian country on Earth."

"Every day is morning in Trump’s America!" declared the author of In Trump We Trust; E Pluribus Awesome. "I’m happy every day. You know, that moment when you first wake up in the morning, and you’re just finishing your dream, like you’re a dog chasing a post truck and then you realize, ‘Oh no, I’m a human, and I’m awake, and it’s Trump’s America!’"

"Take the wall itself," she said, referring to the promised border security wall. "It’s always good, when it comes to immigration, to always be paranoid. You can never be too paranoid. But that is, which a lot of people don’t realize, the Department of Defense’s job. They’ve built walls with cannon turrets. As the name of the agency suggests, ‘Department of Defense,’ the defense refers to the United States of America not the defense of South Korea, not the defense of Ukraine, not the defense of Syria or Germany."

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Democrats...A party of teeth-gnashers

After the Democratic equality-of-opportunity agenda was largely realized (Social Security, Medicare, overtime, a 40-hour work week, disability insurance, civil rights, etc.), the next-generation equality-of-result effort has largely failed.

What is left of Democratic ideology is identity politics and assorted dead-end green movements as conservation has become radical environmentalism and fairness under the law is now unapologetic redistributionism. The 2016 campaign and the frenzied reaction to the result are reminders that the Left is no longer serious about formulating and advancing a practical agenda. In sum, for now it is reduced to a party of teeth-gnashers.

The Podesta archive, when coupled with the pay-for-play Clinton Foundation, summed up the liberal ideology: progressive platitudes as cover for an elite’s pursuit of power and influence. Examine a coastal Democratic establishmentarian, and there is little discernable difference in his lifestyle, income, or material tastes from those conservatives (usually poorer) whom he accuses of all sorts of politically incorrect behaviors. Self-righteous outrage is a Democratic selling point and a wise career move for journalists, academics, bureaucrats, and politicians.

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Mexico's Zone of Silence

There’s an area in the Chihuahuan desert in northern Mexico where radio signals don’t work, and compasses spin out of control when placed near stones on the ground. It’s called the Zone of Silence. It measures only 50 kilometers across, and it is located in the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve, a huge, mostly uninhabited expanse of almost 400,000 hectares, where the flat and desolate terrain is interspersed with lonely mountain outcrops.

"The Zone is my passion," Benjamin Palacios says as we bounce through the area in his 4-wheel drive Suburban, surrounded by mesquite, cactus, and guamisbrilliant yellow flowers resembling buttercups. Palacios, 61, grew up in the village of Escalón, Chihuahua, on the edge of the Zone, and now has his own UFO-themed ranch on the area’s periphery.

As we head into the heart of the Zone, Palacios, a charismatic man with a deep tan and a full beard, veers his truck onto a desert track. Back on the main road, only a few miles away, the radio came in loud and clear. Now, he hits ‘search’ and it endlessly scans. No signal.

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Civil War II?

You have to hand it to the regressive left, when they conjure propaganda they really know how to run with it. When their indoctrination doesn’t take, and the public stops them cold with a wall of skepticism, they don’t give up! No the little buggers double down and go for broke!

I would point out, however, that this seemingly boundless drive to forsake all logic and reason in the name of ideology is not due to these people being special in their ambition. Rather, they are following a somewhat successful historic model; the model of communism. And by successful, I mean successfully destructive.

With Donald Trump on the way to the White House in January, along with a Republican majority in Congress and the Senate, leftists long accustomed to dominating the public narrative through the mainstream media have found themselves without leverage. Now, they must resort to ankle biting with efforts like the "fake news" meme, which is designed to undermine the alternative media through ad hominem. Obviously this will fail. It is far too late for the mainstream media to gain back any social capital, and they will have to adapt or die out.

With this avenue closing for the left, the next stage will be direct asymmetrics; they will use subversion at a more localized level; working to provoke "marginalized" groups into taking extreme action in order to illicit a negative and totalitarian response from conservatives.

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OPEC to cut production, U.S. oil companies will be blamed for higher prices

Oil rose the most in nine months after OPEC ministers were said to have forged a deal to cut production, sending stocks of energy producers and currencies of commodity-exporting nations higher.

Crude rebounded from a two-week low after some delegates at the meeting of oil producers in Vienna on Wednesday said they reached an agreement to cut supply by 1.2 million barrels a day. Russia’s ruble, Norway’s krone and Mexico’s peso advanced as BP Plc and Royal Dutch Shell Plc both gained. Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc slipped to a three-week low after failing the Bank of England’s toughest-ever stress test. Treasuries fell and the dollar extended its gain as a report showed U.S. companies boosted hiring in November faster than forecast.

The agreement to cut production for the first time in eight years reverberated through financial markets, lifting prospects for countries whose finances have been ravaged by the oil crisis. The market earlier this week had assigned odds of just 30 percent that producers would overcome differences, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

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Still on the payroll

A city attorney involved in an anti-Donald Trump vandalism incident, caught on camera, made a "dumb mistake," and remains in his job for now Mayor Kenney said Thursday.

Duncan Lloyd, an assistant city solicitor, was identified in surveillance footage that captured Lloyd and a second man walking along Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill on Nov 25. In the footage, Lloyd is seen wearing a blue blazer and holding a glass of wine, filming or taking photos, while a second man spray paints "F--- Trump," on the wall of a newly opened Fresh Grocer.

As of Thursday morning, police said no arrests have been made in the incident and Kenney said Lloyd remains employed with the city.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Marine's Marine

A couple of months ago, when I told General Krulak, the former Commandant of the Marine Corps, now the chair of the Naval Academy Board of Visitors, that we were having General Mattis speak this evening, he said, "Let me tell you a Jim Mattis story." General Krulak said, when he was Commandant of the Marine Corps, every year, starting about a week before Christmas, he and his wife would bake hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Christmas cookies. They would package them in small bundles.

Then on Christmas day, he would load his vehicle. At about 4 a.m., General Krulak would drive himself to every Marine guard post in the Washington-Annapolis-Baltimore area and deliver a small package of Christmas cookies to whatever Marines were pulling guard duty that day. He said that one year, he had gone down to Quantico as one of his stops to deliver Christmas cookies to the Marines on guard duty. He went to the command center and gave a package to the lance corporal who was on duty.

He asked, "Who’s the officer of the day?" The lance corporal said, "Sir, it’s Brigadier General Mattis." And General Krulak said, "No, no, no. I know who General Mattis is. I mean, who’s the officer of the day today, Christmas day?" The lance corporal, feeling a little anxious, said, "Sir, it is Brigadier General Mattis."

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Hebrew has world's earliest alphabet

The world’s earliest alphabet, inscribed on stone slabs at several Egyptian sites, was an early form of Hebrew, a controversial new analysis concludes.

Israelites living in Egypt transformed that civilization’s hieroglyphics into Hebrew 1.0 more than 3,800 years ago, at a time when the Old Testament describes Jews living in Egypt, says archaeologist and epigrapher Douglas Petrovich of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada. Hebrew speakers seeking a way to communicate in writing with other Egyptian Jews simplified the pharaohs’ complex hieroglyphic writing system into 22 alphabetic letters, Petrovich proposed on November 17 at the annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research.

"There is a connection between ancient Egyptian texts and preserved alphabets," Petrovich said.

That’s a highly controversial contention among scholars of the Bible and ancient civilizations. Many argue, despite what’s recounted in the Old Testament, that Israelites did not live in Egypt as long ago as proposed by Petrovich. Biblical dates for the Israelites’ stay in Egypt are unreliable, they say.

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Targetting Trump's donors

Every hour, a computer program, or "bot," tweets out the name, job, and address of a donor to President-Elect Donald Trump’s campaign.

The apparent goal is sunshine a more sinister objective may be intimidation. In either case, the account is taking advantage of disclosure laws, and using them to name and shame people.

It’s not an unprecedented bot or even an unprecedented tactic.

Twitter has a few other accounts that have done the same thing. One account listed every donor for the Democrats. But both "Every GOP Donor" and "Every Dem Donor" stopped tweeting on Nov. 8 Election Day. Every Trump Donor keeps tweeting, every hour.

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Lawyers in love

The nation's largest state bar association is overhauling ethics rules for attorneys for the first time in 30 years, and some lawyers are unhappy about a proposal that would open them up to discipline for having sex with clients.

California currently bars attorneys from coercing a client into sex or demanding sex in exchange for legal representation.

Supporters of an all-out ban say the relationship between a lawyer and client is inherently unequal, so any sexual relationship is potentially coercive. But some attorneys say it's an unjustified invasion of privacy.

The proposal is part of a long-awaited shake-up of the state bar association's ethics rules for attorneys, which were last fully revised in 1987. Lawyers who violate the regulations are subject to discipline ranging from private censure to loss of their legal license.

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Ding, dong, the Dictator is dead

In 1958 Cuba had a higher standard of living than Ireland and Austria, almost double Spain and Japan’s per-capita income, more doctors and dentists per capita than Britain and lower infant mortality than France and Germany the 13th lowest in the world, in fact. Today Cuba’s infant-mortality rate despite the hemisphere’s highest abortion rate, which skews this figure downward is 24th from the top. So relative to the rest of the world, Cuba’s health care has worsened under Castro and a nation with a formerly massive influx of European immigrants needs machine guns, water cannons and Tiger sharks to keep it’s people from fleeing, while half-starved Haitians a short 60 miles away turn up their nose at any thought of immigrating to Cuba. In 1958, 80% of Cubans were literate and Cuba spent the most per capita on public education of any nation in Latin America.

Little Big Horn

Say the name "George Armstrong Custer" and immediately visions usually come to mind of hordes of Native American warriors circling an outnumbered band of desperate U.S. 7th Cavalry troopers. Custer, pistols blazing, goes down fighting as his men perish around him on Last Stand Hill. Hundreds of paintings, illustrations, drawings, sculptures, miniatures, and other depictions have colored our view of the battle of Little Big Horn. However, most are purely conjecture, as Native American accounts of the battle vary and everyone with Custer died and of course left no record of what unfolded.

Recent archaeological studies in the 21st century have begun to shed some light on what transpired. Indian and cavalry positions have been pinpointed by tracing shell casings and recovered bullets. Movements of the warriors and troopers are somewhat clearer today than in the 19th and 20th century accounts. Yet, there is still so much that likely will never be known with any certainty.

With all the combatants long gone, we are left with the only tangible remnants of the battle and the clash of cultures -- relics and artifacts either recovered from the battlefield itself, or representative of the clothes, weapons, accoutrements, everyday utensils and personal items, etc. that the natives and Custer's men typically would have used.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Big surprise...Black Lives Matter liked Castro

Is anyone surprised by this? The anti-capitalist, anti-law enforcement, anti-Israel, anti-"colonialist" movement Black Lives Matter has issued a statement in support of "El Comandante," Cuba's monstrous dictator Fidel Castro following his death on Friday, thanking him for giving refuge to FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist fugitive Assata Shakur.

As reported by Heat Street, BLM posted a eulogy to Fidel on Sunday titled "Lessons from Fidel: Black Lives Matter and the Transition of El Commandante" at the website Medium and also on the movement’s semi-official Facebook page, as well as tweeting the link to it.

Castro’s untimely passing at 90 (untimely because it's too bad he didn't die decades ago) apparently has caused BLM "an overwhelming sense of loss, complicated by fear and anxiety."

"Although no leader is without their flaws, we must push back against the rhetoric of the right and come to the defense of El Comandante," reads the statement. Saying Castro was "flawed" is an understatement that would be hilarious if it weren't so morally repugnant.

The encomium goes on to depict "El Comandante" as a role model for freedom fighters like BLM: "As Fidel ascends to the realm of the ancestors, we summon his guidance, strength, and power as we recommit ourselves to the struggle for universal freedom. Fidel Vive!"

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The Black Muslim in Congress

Some newly discovered columns shed light on the shocking views expressed by one of the Democrat’s favorite politicians.

According to columns written several years ago in the Minnesota Daily, obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller News Foundation, Ellison was once a proponent of a blacks-only nation carved out of America and cash reparations paid from whites to blacks. Ellison also called the U.S. Constitution the "best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples."

Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, now in the running to be DNC Chair, has attracted the support of Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Harry Reid. Many think that Ellison, an African-American Muslim, would make a powerful statement leading the DNC. Ellison’s past has gained attention from the media, with Ellison being accused of anti-Semitism and ties to the Nation of Islam.

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What Fidel taught me

I didn’t realize how many Americans actually hate their own country until I talked about Fidel Castro at Harvard Law School. I had no idea how many Americans despise democracy and have no problem with tyranny so long as they’re in charge until I talked about Castro in Manhattan. And I had no clue how many Americans believed that sins committed in the name of socialism weren’t sins at all until I talked about Castro in Ithaca, New York.

Indeed, these early conversations about Castro and his mass murdering friend, Che Guevara helped teach my younger self that there was indeed a difference between "liberals" and the radical Left. Liberals are people a lot like me. We broadly share many of the same goals, including a shared interest in greater American prosperity and power. We love this country. During the Cold War, we shared opposition to the Soviet Union. Our policy disagreements are important, but we still share a common bond.

There was no political bond with the radicals I met in law school. They liked Castro because he was a communist. They loved him for his opposition to American power. They were completely indifferent to the suffering he inflicted on dissidents. These people, after all, were likely American spies and dupes, to be treated with all the contempt they deserved.

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Minorities fearful, buying guns

After Donald Trump’s win, Yolanda Scott is upgrading the crowbar she keeps in her purse to a small-caliber pistol.

Scott, an African-American, is one of many minorities who have been flocking to gun stores to protect themselves, afraid Trump’s victory will incite more hate crimes.

"You feel that racists now feel like they can attack us just because the president is doing it," Earl Curtis, the owner of Blue Ridge Arsenal in Chantilly, Virginia, told NBC News.

Gun store owners told NBC News that since November 8 they’re seeing up to four times as many black and minority customers and black gun groups are reporting double the normal number of attendees at their meetings since the election.

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Illegals voting?

As we always knew, California and American elections are filled with fraud and corruption. Thanks to a new poll, we now know that approximately 13% of illegal aliens vote. Since they are already criminals, stealing ID’s or using phony ID’s. lie to get welfare, steal jobswhy not vote as they to lose. Since they can not be deported or jailed, they have nothing to lose. Obama is protecting these law breakers.

Could this be why real citizens don’t votethe illegal aliens outvote them? Worse, in close elections illegal aliens can make the difference. Corruption? Look at the ballot box. In fact, they could have elected a President and Senator!

"Since 80 percent of noncitizens vote Democratic, according to the study, noncitizen participation could have "been large enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes [in North Carolina in 2008], and Congressional elections" such as the 2008 race in Minnesota in which Al Franken was elected to the U.S. Senate, giving "Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote" to pass Obamacare. The Old Dominion/George Mason study was sharply attacked by progressive critics, but the mounting evidence makes clear this is a real problem."

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Old man's rant

Being a frugal old man, I’ve taken to doing my grocery shopping at Walmart. I used to grocery shop at Target, but since they decided to take sides in the kulturkampf, I no longer favor them with my business - seems the least I could do. But, I gotta tell you - sometimes Walmart is just too much of a blast of 21st Century America, right in the face: an endless collection of fat, tattooed women with gangs of loud, hyper children, pulling overloaded grocery carts toward the checkout. Other than me, I’m absolutely sure no one in the store is paying for their own groceries. Critical, disapproving old white man that I am, I’m always wondering "how many different fathers sired that brood?" And "why do you have children you can’t afford to feed?" And "don’t you have any self-respect?" And "have you ever held a job?" Never before, in the history of the world, have there been so many fat, poor people. Never before, in the history of the world, have there been so many fat, poor people talking on cell phones they don’t pay for.

I grew up in pre-ironic, pre-racial healing America, in the 1950s, in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. It was a high-trust, wonderful place to live - shopping centers, golf courses and the sound of sprinklers. Women stayed home, by and large, and raised the family - dads worked. Kids were everywhere and no one wore a bike helmet. Ike was in the White House. The sky was blue. It was fabulous. I went to a high school with 2500 other kids. The school had a principal, two assistant principals, a nurse and three ladies who worked in the office - no metal detectors, no cops, no trouble to speak of. I’m not even sure the principal had a four-year degree. If he did, it was from some cow-college in North Dakota. We laughed at him (behind his back) because his first name was Milo. But Milo certainly wasn’t confused about what his job was. School was orderly and fun. Everyone got a decent education in the basics (and then some) and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Teachers were not called educators. Lunch was 30 cents.

And then my generation took over.