Saturday, August 23, 2014

Offending muslims is a no-no

A justice of the peace in Messina, Italy has fined three girls an amount of approximately $3,500 each for wearing what is considered common beach wear in Italy, based upon the supposed offense to the sensitivities it created for some Saudi Arabian tourists who were also at the private resort of Taormina.

It has become common place for Muslims to make demands upon others to adhere to their standards, so it should not come as too great of a surprise that they filed their complaint. What is surprising is that the Italian court concurred and fined their citizens for engaging in normal behavior.

Until the judges come to their senses, the ladies of Italy should make certain they pack a sheet and a hajib with their towels and sunscreen. It’s a lot less than $3,500.

Here’s an excerpt from the Judgment:

For the purposes of the criminal law shall be deemed obscene acts and objects that, according to common sense, offend modesty (cp 725, 726).

So obscene and common decency are opposing elements, which exist precisely because of their opposition. The shame, feelings of shame, embarrassment, repulsion is typical of the individual when he, against his will, finds himself in front of other people’s events do not correspond to their education and culture, and reputed for its scandalous sex education.

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Vigilis said...

Europe, including Italy, entered an economic recession similar to what Japan has experienced for decades.

During recessions, the wealthy help keep the economy going.
Taormina (private resort mentioned in article) has a particular 5-star resort favored by wealthy arabs.

Unsurprisingly, the private resort is also financed with the help of arab wealth.

Globalism is a much more insidious threat to national sovereignty and local laws than non-muslims are lead to consider.

K-Street law firms are on retainer from arabs (countries and individuals) for our own government to do their wishes. Not only are voters unaware of such lobbying activities and aims, so are non-lawyer, conservative members of congress.

By the way, the so-called availability of 'public' lobbying
information is stacked against the public, journalists and the congress itself.

There is a stark difference between overwhelming details (raw data), and useful information.

The time and costs of sorting out particular differences outside of actual help from K-Street insiders is prohibitively costly, much to the glee of well-heeled politicians, lobbyists, and their globalist masters.

Contrary in Texas said...

We need to outlaw Lobbyists. They do a useful function by informing congressmen of their desires and fears but make them attend town hall meetings and make them write letters to congressmen, just like what we do to get their attention. Stop the flow of money to politicians. It's legal bribery as it is practiced right now.